Apricot Tree Wellness Healing from the inside..out!

Healing the Way it Was Meant to Be

Wellness by His Design

Are You Ready to Change your Life?

you have tried everything, spent tons of money 

and nothing works.

The diagnosis or even prognosis seems grim.

You’ve been told your disease will never be better,

Or you need surgery

and you will be on meds for the rest of your life.

But what if there is ANOTHER WAY?

over half of the population

have chronic conditions,

Even more are undiagnosed.

What Is Biblical Health Coaching

It’s supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself through biblical principles.  

Understand the underlying cause, the consequences of medical options, 
and possible natural God given solutions.


What It is NOT

Treating symptoms is not a part of what we do.

When the “cure” is often more devastating than the disease, you are left with no relief, no clarity and no hope for true healing.   

Apricot Tree Wellness

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What Makes Us Different?

We follow the original blueprint design of how your body was created. The one who made you also knows how to heal you. We guide and support you on your personal journey using biblical principles. 

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Take the guesswork out of what to make. When it comes to healing, what you eat is key! I show you easy substitutions for every diet type.

Learn Biblical Foundations for Nutrition. No more fad diets! Food Heals. I'll work with you to put together a progressive doable plan that WORKS!

It's never just ONE THING! But consistent small steps will completely change your trajectory.

Get your life back!

Gain support, understanding, encouragement and guidance to resolve the underlying cause of your symptoms. 

Do You Want To:
      • get off Rx
      • reduce inflammation
      • lose weight
      • sleep better
      • reduce fatigue
      • gain energy
      • have motivation
      • gain peace
      • experience joy
      • learn self-confidence
      • gain vitality
      • better relationships
      • improve digestion
      • reduce cancer risks
       What IF You could resolve 
      • high blood pressure
      • diabetes
      • digestive problems
      • skin issues
      • sleeplessness
      • anxiety or depression
      • mood swings
      • irritability
      • food allergies
      • low self-esteem
      • fatigue
      • hot flashes
      • thyroid disfunction
      • auto immune disease
"I am 70 years old. I have struggled with my digestion since removal of my gallbladder. I had chronic kidney pain, struggled with my weight, energy, memory and brain fog. Since working with Susan, I'm more positive, my relationships have improved. I have lost weight, my memory is better, my focus, sleep, energy, joy and vitality is much improved. Even now, the pain has stopped and my kidneys are functioning better as well. I feel like I'm actually digesting my food again since my gallbladder surgery." -
Karen F

Learn How to create lasting change.

Change takes a transformation of the mind first, understanding, perseverance, patience, and support.

these are the foundations needed for real lasting change.

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